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The catastrophic eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902 gave Martinique 12 ancient wrecks to supplement a coastline of fringing reefs and dramatic offshore rocks. All this and a French dinner to finish off the day.

You will need to speak French to get the best out of most operators here—see the book for operators who speak English.

Read descriptions of Martinique's 19 dive operators and 28 dive sites.

Checkout dive site 22 - Diamond Rock


2 Bulles Passion

3 Tropicasub

4 Submaroubase

5 TropicsubAlize

6 Subchandlers

7 Planete Bleu

8 Centre Plongée Meridien

9 Lycee Plongée

10 Balou Club

11 Corail Club Caraibes

12 Plongée Passion

13 Cap Locations

14 Okeanos

15 Diamant Caraibes

16 Sub Diamond Rock

17 Club Med

18 Histoires D'Eau

19 Plongée Caritan


martinique - dive sites and dive centers

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