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Home of the elusive manta rays and the Caribbean's largest brain coral, diving in Tobago can be a scenery blurring drift, a wild ride around rocks whose next nearest shore is Africa, or an utterly peaceful potter along a small but beautiful wall.

Tobago's diving falls into four distinct areas each with very different diving, shoreside facilities and ambience—see the book to choose what is right for you.

Read descriptions of Tobago's 12 dive operators and 44 dive sites.

Checkout dive site 20 - London Bridge

1 Tobago Dive Masters

2 M-Dive Redman

3 Tobago Dive Experience (Manta Lodge)

4 Aquamarine Dive

5 Ron's Watersports

6 Man Friday Diving

7 Tobago Dive Experience (Rex Turtle)

8 Diamond Divers (CLOSED)

9 Wild Turtle Dive Safaris

10 Viking Dive renamed Manta Dive

11 Dive Tobago

12 R&C Divers Den 

tobago dive sites and dive operators

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HOT NEWS Updated February 2003


Viking Dive is renamed Manta Dive

Our previous information is that VIKING DIVE was closed, but the managers/owners, Amanda Daniel and Goran Qvarfordt, advise us that only the name has been changed

Contact them via their website for more information, or e-mail them at


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New Dive Store - Sunsplash Scuba 

Sunsplash Scuba is a small dive shop at the southeastern end of Tobago (near Pigeon Point) offering private and semi-private classes.. Students schedule their own classes so that they can enjoy other island activities. Owner Carolyn has been in Tobago for 10 years. and has a perfect safety record. She offers Bubblemaker courses with kids aged 8-10.

Sunsplash Scuba is located right on the water, so there's no traveling to the boat and snorkellers are welcome.

Contact them at


BLACK ROCK DIVE CENTER is at the sister resorts of Grafton and Le Grand Courlan (see dive flag 8)

PROSCUBA DIVE CENTER is at Rovenals Resort near Crown Bay.